How We Do What We Do

At True Glass, we are truly grateful for the opportunity to serve the Augusta, Georgia, area and the surrounding CSRA. We are striving to provide quality services that our customers want and need. We can complete estimates over the phone, through text, and via email. However, we prefer a personal approach and enjoy meeting and learning about not only our customers' projects but our customers themselves. Feel free to visit the Contact Us page with any questions or to set up a free estimate.


We view your entire property's unique needs to determine the best strategy for our services.


We then provide a comprehensive, customized bid with all tasks clearly outlined.


We then prepare a plan to maximize efficiency and to ensure successful outcomes of the services being provided.


All materials, equipment, and areas to be serviced are thoroughly inspected to ensure safety and proper care.


When we complete our services, we test for quality and completeness to ensure 100% satisfication is achieved.


After we ensure satisifaction of our customer, each safe and successful service ends with gratitude and happiness.



At True Glass, we’ve mastered the process of quality window cleaning. We ensure that all of your windows will be spot and streak free. We do this typically with two methods: your traditional hand wash and a purified water fed pole system.


Our most common residential window cleaning service is the pure water treatment. In the simplest terms your water is run through a deionization tank to remove all potential minerals and deposits. We then use the water to clean not only the outside but the inside of your home as well. With this system we never have to use chemicals in or around your gardens, pets, and or children.


When we use a more traditional window cleaning solution and squeegee, it is an Eco-Friendly plant based cleaning mixture. This again provides the customer with the peace of mind to know that under no circumstances are harmful chemicals brought into your home. Our “All Green” approach will clean as well as any solution on the market today. If any work is ever unsatisfactory, we will return and clean any mistakes for FREE!




At True Glass we also clean gutters. Our gutter cleaning service is a great way to extend the life of you gutters and protect the foundation of your home. All gutters that we service are hand cleaned, with every drain checked and unclogged. We also rinse the gutters if needed. We check the downspouts by using sound, water runoff, and an extendable electric snake. Any debris taken from your gutters are removed and disposed of at no additional cost to the homeowner.


When gutters become inaccessible from traditional ladder work we use a safety line and harness to climb your roof to grant us access to your gutters. We also ensure at least one spotter is present during this type of clean out. To further guarantee customer satisfaction, when safety allows, photos and videos are taken of your gutters to ensure that you never have to climb a ladder to check our work.



When searching for a quality pressure washer in Augusta, Ga and the surrounding CSRA, a window cleaning company might not come to mind. That is the main reason why we emphasize quality work out of our pressure washing division. We always go over our process and general expectations with every customer that hires us.


True Glass has a custom cleaning mix that is used when soft washing a home. The most active ingredient is sodium hypochlorite also know as bleach. We dilute the bleach to a level that is strong enough to kill off all mold and bacteria, but not so strong as to discolor any exterior surfaces. While washing your home we make sure that all of your plants are well hydrated to prevent any damage. After we have completed your cleaning the plants again get a rinse. We also test every home with our House Wash mix to ensure not only thorough results but safe ones as well.


When cleaning concrete, certain areas require us to pretreat the surface with our custom cleaning mix. We then use up to three possible cleaning tools to get the best results possible. In large areas we turn to a minimum 18 inch surface cleaner with two rotating pressure nozzles. Our second option is to use a wand with a turbo nozzle attached that rotates at over 3000 psi. Finally we can attach multiple tips to our wands at varying degrees to ensure your surfaces are cleaned to your satisfaction.

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