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True Glass does more than window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing; we care for our family, our community, and support fellow small business owners.  We encourage others to provide us with their input as to how family, community, and business can be supported in our area.

How Do You Know When To Clean The Gutters? (June 21, 2018)


I’m sure gutter cleaning seems like a simple task, all that really is getting done is removing old, wet, half-rotted debris from your gutter and downspouts 6 to 26 feet off the ground. Easy enough; grab, bag, dispose, wait 6 months, repeat. However, any professional will tell you the tools you use can make or break you.   Read More

How to Boost Curb Appeal (April 29, 2018)


The first impression your home makes when prospective buyers are looking are important. The first impression your home makes when an inspector comes to do an evaluation is also important. Thanks to a local realtor with whom we have partnered, these are some expert steps you can follow to boost curb appeal!  Read More

5 Steps to Follow When Selling Your Home (March 30, 2018)


The National Association of Realtors states that having your home's exterior and windows professionally cleaned can increase its value by up to $10,000 - $15,000 depending on your market. Here in the CSRA, that could be a return on investment of up to 7500%! True Glass Cleaners has put together a product for you to use when considering selling your home.  Read More

Pocket Dump - Of A Window and Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing Father of Two (November 2, 2017)


I’ll start with the elephant in the room, the over-the-top gaudy orange paracord bracelet. I know as A Crimson Tide Bama fan it really doesn't belong on any man’s wrist, but my kids have loved it for teething. I actually make them myself. The cord is strong enough to allow my very rough gigantic toddler to take it everywhere and put it anywhere he wants. It is still soft enough to where everyday for me or my wife. Additionally I always have cordage with me at work.  Read More

The Best DIY Tool - Leatherman OHT (October 20, 2017)


This is my most trusted tool on any job that True Glass is a part of.  While currently writing this, the leaves are changing and starting to fall, so for my company and your home it’s gutter cleaning season!  Read More



As a business owner, you ultimately have a lot, I mean a ton, of questions to answer. How much does this service cost? What do you think about cleaning frequency? How did that golf ball end up in my gutters? Why does Windex never work? Read More



The Number One Reason to have Gutters on Your Home


Foundation protection is the main reason for having gutters installed. If there is even a possibility of water building up around your homes foundation, you NEED gutters.  **True Glass does not offer gutter installation; however, we do offer cleanings and repair!** Read More



This is the short version. I was an athlete in childhood and high school sports and I played collegiate golf with no junior career at all. I have always been capable of moving and moving well, but as I grew older I developed a medical condition that really affected my performance and body. In 2010, I had my entire large intestine removed so that I could have the best possible life under the circumstances. During that time I weighed 132 lbs. fully clothed.  Read More



This is the number one ability you must have in order to be your own boss. Allow me to clarify that; self-awareness is essential if you want to be successful at being your own boss. I personally have always been very self-aware; even now, I have childhood memories that I still dwell on. What could I have done differently, or better?  Read More


I find it amazing at how many times in my life both business and personal, that I needed permission to simply go and do something. A pat on the back is always nice, but it isn’t needed to prosper. My personal small business motivation came from Gary Vaynerchuk. Read More

WHY CLEAN MY GUTTERS? (September 25, 2016)


It’s a very simple question with some potentially expensive answers. The easiest place to start is by first explaining why gutters are used at all and what purposes they serve. The main role of gutters is to usher water away from the base of the house where it’s likely to collect and find it’s way inside the foundation. Read More

DIY WINDOW CLEANING (September 23, 2016)


I’ve seen on several sites about how the average person can clean their own windows with at home products, now this seems awesome at first. I love DIY and saving as much as the next person, but be careful of who and what you listen to.  Read More

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